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Longarm Quilting Service

Our shop in Belfast has closed however we are still offering the Longarm Quilting Service; Yvonne might have retired but she will never give up quilting!

For those who love to piece quilt tops but do not have the time to quilt them, Yvonne offers a computerised longarm machine quilting service that includes edge-to-edge, border and custom quilting. Your pieced top will be professionally long-arm quilted with no need for marking or basting. Yvonne has an extensive range of continuous line quilting patterns designed to interlock. They will not look like row upon row of the same pattern but will fill your quilt from top to bottom and from side to side with a beautiful design. The computer software on our Statler quilting machine offers 1000s of designs.

Yvonne's Longarm Quilting Service

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Wadding, Backing & Thread

You are welcome to supply your own wadding and / or backing fabric however you can purchase these items from Yvonne. We have a selection of high quality extra-wide backing fabrics and waddings in stock. You can choose from Cotton, Polyester and Wool Waddings available in different widths. Using a quality wadding and 100% cotton backing fabric will dramatically improve the look, feel, and lifetime of your finished quilt.

If you are supplying your own backing and wadding they should be at least 4” bigger on all four sides than the finished quilt top. For example, if your finished quilt top is 60” x 80” then your backing and wadding will need to be 68” x 88”.

Yvonne also has a huge range of threads available for you to choose from for your quilting.

Quilt Top Preparation

  • Press your pieced top making sure your seam allowances are pressed properly and laying flat.
  • Trim and secure all loose threads from the back of your quilt top. These may show through the lighter colours of your quilt.
  • If the edges of your quilt are pieced, please stay-stitch ¼" around the edge as this helps to minimise any stretching or puckering of the finished edges.
  • Please pin a small piece of paper and label it "TOP" if you wish one of the edges of your quilt to be treated as the top.

If you are supplying your own backing and / or wadding please ensure that they are:

  • Supplied as separate pieces and not sandwiched together.
  • At least 4” larger on all four sides than your pieced top. This is to allow the quilting machine to quilt to the edge of your quilt top and for the shrinkage that naturally occurs during quilting.
  • Pre-washed if you have already prewashed your quilt top fabrics.
  • Press your backing. 
  • If your backing needs to be pieced you are encouraged to do so yourself. This will save your money and our time! If you have pieced the backing ensure that you trim off the selvedge edges at the joins, not on the outside edges. Selvedge edges shrink differently to the main body of the fabric. 


We also provide a basting service, if you like to hand quilt but don’t like putting the layers together Yvonne will baste it with large stitches approximately 4” apart.


A binding service is also available. Your binding will be attached with a ⅜” seam allowance and mitred corners. You can have it returned to you at that stage for you to complete, or the entire binding process can be completed by us. The price for us to prepare and attach the binding ready for you to finish is 10p per inch; for us to prepare, attach and machine sew the binding the cost is 15p per inch.

Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to Edge quilting is when a design is quilted from one edge of the project to the other. There is a large range of Simple and Complex designs to choose from to enhance your quilt top.

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting is where a different design is sewn in each block and / or border of the quilt. With many quilt tops such as Sampler Quilts or Celtic Bias quilts it may be more appropriate to have a different quilting design in each of the areas of the quilt. Prices for custom quilting vary depending on how much detail is involved.

Custom quilting is offered using any of the following quilting techniques:

  • Stippling in a range of sizes
  • Patterned meander (e.g. leaves and loops)
  • Motifs (e.g. feather wreaths, individual block designs)
  • A range of freehand designs (e.g. swirls, feathers, flowers)
  • Stitch in the ditch
  • Outline or echo
  • Continuous curve borders
  • Grids
  • Block designs
  • Border designs
  • Sashing designs