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SewEzi Table Accessories

SewEzi have developed a range of accessories to make your sewing experience even more enjoyable! The versatility of our accessories allows you to customize a SewEzi table to your particular needs. SewEzi Portable and Grande sewing tables are supplied with one pre-cut acrylic insert; this is a special ¼" thick clear acrylic insert that fits snuggly around your specific sewing machine bed to provide you with a large, stable and flat sewing surface.

The Grande Mobile

Put your Grande on wheels! A must if you plan on moving your Grande a lot or folding regularly for storage ...

Quick Change System

Use different sewing machines with your SewEzi Table without having to reassemble the table...

SewEzi Thread Stand

Very useful if you sew with cones or large spools. Clips on to the edge of any SewEzi table...

The Accessory Tray

This handy accessory tray is ideal for storing scissors, spare bobbins and all those other small items that you need close at hand...

Pricing & Orders

Additional Pre-Cut Insert

This may be required if you would like to use your SewEzi table with more than one sewing machine or if you change machines in the future. Each insert is cut to the shape of the free arm of the sewing machine and places the machine in the correct position for sewing. You may also require a SewEzi Quick Change Set, we will be able to tell you if one is necessary if your machines are different heights. You must specify the sewing machine make and model and whether it is for the SewEzi Portable or Grande tables when ordering a Pre Cut Insert.

Clear Insert

This is a clear acrylic insert that is used to turn a SewEzi Portable or Grande table into a lightbox. Simply place a light source (not included), such as a folding craft light, on the tray that normally holds the sewing machine, then place the light box insert in the table and you are ready to go. This is a very useful accessory for appliqué and for tracing around templates. Please specify when ordering additional inserts whether it is for the SewEzi Portable or Grande sewing tables, as they are different sizes.

Solid Insert

A SewEzi Solid Insert will allow you to convert your SewEzi table top into a solid surface. The Solid Insert is made from the same MDF material as the table top. It is designed to fill in the cut out to make a flat table top that can be used to hold the sewing machine for free arm sewing, for using your machine with an embroidery unit attached, or for cutting out and pressing - this makes it ideal for any patchwork and quilting projects. It can of course also be used as an ordinary table with the Solid Insert in place. You must specify when ordering a Solid Insert whether it is for the SewEzi Portable or Grande sewing tables.

Large Machine Brace Bar

When the first SewEzi was designed over 10 years ago, sewing machines were much smaller and lighter than many of the new machines which are being manufactured today.  Some of the large machines that fit in the SewEzi Portable are also very heavy, so as a safety measure to increase strength and stability we have developed the table brace which hooks on to the cross bars of the two leg sets. With the brace on, these extra heavy machines can be used with confidence.

The table brace only fits the SewEzi Portable. SewEzi recommends the table brace for sewing machines over 13kgs (29lbs). When purchasing a Portable Table for the Bernina 7 Series it is a compulsory requirement.

The brace is also useful in high traffic areas like classrooms and shops where there is a higher risk of the table being knocked or bumped.

Leg Extension Sets

These add 22mm (7/8″) to each table leg, SewEzi recommends these Extensions for people who are very tall or have difficulty with the normal operating height of 29". This accessory can only be used with the SewEzi Portable and Extension tables.

Pricing & Orders

Quilters Quest

Quilters Quest is the UK and Ireland agent for SewEzi. SewEzi tables are designed to create a better sewing experience wherever you want to sew in the home and beyond. They make ideal sewing room furniture where you can complete your patchwork quilting and other home sewing projects, such as curtain making or dressmaking, and have the advantage of being able to be packed away for storage or travel - this is where they differ from traditional sewing cabinets. You can sew anywhere anytime with a SewEzi table!

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