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SewEzi Sewing Tables

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We are confident that SewEzi Tables are the most comfortable sewing tables available and this is why we bring them on the road for you to try before you buy. At every show we attend we will have all 5 SewEzi tables on display. Whether you are in the market for a large Cutting Table or a portable sewing table, we will have a table to suit your stitching and crafting needs. SewEzi Tables are ergonomically designed – this means you can sew and work at your table more comfortably for longer; say goodbye to your neck, shoulder, and back aches!

Did you know there is no limit to how many machines you can use with a SewEzi table? We will be able to answer all your questions and more importantly show you how our system works. We will demonstrate how easy it is to set our foldable tables up and put them away; all done in a matter of minutes. We may even have a Show Offer for you to take advantage of… but you won’t know unless you pop by and say hello! Make sure you follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for your chance to win free tickets. 

The 5 tables on display will be: the SewEzi Portable Sewing Table, the SewEzi Grande Sewing Table; the SewEzi Extension Table; the SewEzi Overlocker Table; and the SewEzi Cutting & Design Table.